In today’s culture taking selfies too often has become a great trend. It became popular around 3-4 years back and its popularity has crossed all its barriers , clicking and posting selfies has become a popular trend. It has become a symbol of self-expression and often people portray their adventurous  sides by uploading crazy selfies. The popularity of selfies is a reflection of anxiety in human nature to see oneself in a better light.These photos help them to relive the past moment.


It’s a quest for the teenage girl to craft the perfect shot. It starts with a simple selfie. Apply a little make-up, caress the hair into position, lean forward to elevate the developing cleavage, put on some smokey eyes, pout the lips and click. Perfecting the self-portrait is done with a filter, some editing, then to Instagram it goes for critique and peer review with several hashtags to round out the post.Boys get in on the act too, but girls appear to give it a greater priority, effort and social standing. At its extreme, girls inadvertently take up the pressure of storyteller, photographer, editor and publisher to polish a look online far from reality in the pursuit of popularity via likes, shares and more.

Taking a Selfie Can Become Addictive

Some mental health professionals believe that taking selfies can become an obsession, especially for people who suffer from body image disorders. Sometimes people try to tweak their looks by downloading mobile applications for getting the perfect selfie result. This sort of obsession with modifying appearance, alongside unobtainable beauty standards propagated by media and fashion, can eventually lead to some young people seeking plastic surgery.

Selfies to selfiest disease

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Just like any obsession, taking much selfies is itself and obsession. The person who loves to take them every time thinks where to take them and be attentive every time about their looks. You will always think about how you are looking and this is also an obsession. Sometimes this obsession crosses all the limits and people go mad for selfies. American Psychological Association recently declared taking selfies as a mental disorder.