“A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world”

We define values as, values are ideas that guide or qualify personal conduct, interaction with others and our involvement like moral values help to distinguish ,what is right from what is wrong and provide information on how one can conduct their life in a meaning full way. Virtues play an important role in defining one’s personality. Especially in today’s world when people have left behind their morality ,their values and ethics in the lime light of money and luxuries. It has become essential that these values and ethics should be revived. If we are blaming our upcoming generation of devoid of these values , then actually they are not to be blamed for that. The fault lies in us, we the parents. It is our failure to impact these values to our children. Haven’t we inherited these values to our parents . Haven’t they applied effort to inculcate these values in us from our childhood.

Then why did and when did we lag behind. It is we who failed to teach these values to our children . We have failed to cultivate their life with these ethics . The result can be sum in the growing number of criminals , terrorist and anti social elements. When we are not true to ourselves how can we expect our children . It is these virtues and morality that guide us, inspire us to move in the right direction . These values are the driving form to achieve our goals to become good and responsible citizen and to work for the up liftment of the country but each of these values can turn out to be fatal.

They can be disastrous not only for the whole country , community but for the individual himself. A person world always filled with anger and revenge. His vision and intelligence will gradually be destroyed and the world finally be in a state of confusion with no path to move forward. But have we ever revised that no men is born with ethics and values. In fact whatever he gains is from this world from his parents and mentors. Now this depend upon his destiny in whose hands he is placed in. A person under the shade of well defined and morally educated parents will turn out into a perfect human. But on the other hand a person under the guidance of a criminal or anti – social person will certainly turn out to be threat to the society. It is not he to be blamed but the society, his mentors who have shaped him like that.

Everyone of us knows all the realities still we have closed our eyes and serving our society gradually moving into a dank dung on. We only know how to shift responsibilities on other shoulders. How to blame other for what all is happening without realizing  that we are also a part of all this . It is high time that we all realize our duties to impact ethics and values to our children and upcoming generation and make them responsible citizen of this country, there by developing the children as will the nation.

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